Can you file bankruptcy

What are the con's of bankruptcy

What debt can't you clear in bankruptcy

Credit score after bankruptcy

Credit score after bankruptcy Chances are that you spent a great deal of time and energy debating whether or not you should file for bankruptcy.  One of your major concerns would likely be what about my credit score after bankruptcy. No one wants to file for bankruptcy. Many people like yourself have found themselves in […]

Do I Have To See The Bankruptcy Court Judge?

Bankruptcy VS Credit Repair

Can I rent an apartment after bankruptcy?

Can Creditors stop my bankruptcy

Can creditors stop my bankruptcy?   It’s pretty difficult for a creditor and rare  to stand in the way of someone getting through a bankruptcy and getting a discharge. But creditors aren’t always completely out of luck when a customer / borrower files bankruptcy. There are several things a creditor may do to make the best out […]

Security clearance and Bankruptcy

Will I lose my security clearance if I file bankruptcy?   Most of the people that I see in San Diego are people like you and me who have  fallen upon bad times – not gamblers, shopaholics or otherwise crazy spenders. They have jobs and many times they own homes. Things happened , they had […]

Can I Change From A Chapter 7 To A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Can I Keep My Bankruptcy A Secret?

Can I File Bankruptcy 2 Times?

What is a Bankruptcy Discharge?

  What Is A Discharge? When Does It Happen In Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy discharge basically is the vanishing of all the dischargeable debt that someone brings into the bankruptcy case. It is as if that debt and all the emotional baggage  had never happened.  The creditor then cannot call, send demand letters, report nonpayment of the […]

Bankruptcy Help In San Diego

Getting bankruptcy help: Considering bankruptcy ? no one wants to .. “Capitalism without bankruptcy is like Christianity with out hell.” Are creditors constantly calling you? Does the thought of opening your mail stress you out? Are you worried that utilities may be shut off or your car repossessed? Do you lie awake at night because […]

What Can I Do If My Creditors Are Still Bothering Me?

Can I Leave Some Debts Out of My Bankruptcy?

Is bankruptcy a public record ?

Is bankruptcy a public record in San Diego ? Filing for bankruptcy is a matter of public record. So the idea that you can keep bankruptcy secret isn’t really true. It is something that you really have to look for to find out about. Who files bankruptcy in San Diego  is not easily accessible knowledge. It is not published […]

What is bankruptcy means testing?

What is  bankruptcy means testing?   Bankruptcy means testing  is a mathematical formula used by bankruptcy attorneys to determine what  type of bankruptcy relief a debtor can receive. Means testing was created by congress with the help of the credit card lobby to prevent bankruptcy abuse. The most likely mistake potential bankruptcy clients make is […]

Bankruptcy Exemptions ? What are they?

  Bankruptcy exemptions or What do you keep if you file bankruptcy ? “Exemptions” are laws that define what property you can keep when you file bankruptcy. All assets will fall into one of the two categories: exempt or unexempt. You want all – or as much as possible – of your assets to be defined […]

Student loans and Credit Cards

Student tuitions that are charged by credit cards are dischargeable in bankruptcy  If you have found yourself overwhelmed by your student loans you might wonder if you can discharge any student loan debt in bankruptcy. There is some student debt that is dischargeable in bankruptcy    Student expenses like tuition and books charged on a […]

Can I Keep My Home(s) In Bankruptcy

Small Business owner filing Personal bankruptcy

Will My Small Business Be Affected by my Personal Bankruptcy? Does your personal bankruptcy affect your corporation? Probably, we should talk about how most of us who operate small businesses get credit for our corporations. And that’s by personally guaranteeing the debt. Any small business owner or operator and , their corporation is gonna be […]

What Is An Automatic Stay?

“Bankruptcy represents a long-standing commitment in this country to helping people get a fresh start. This principle has never been giving only certain people a fresh start.”– Tim Johnson For the person having financial trouble, there’s a constant loss of money. As each month passes, they tend to fall farther and farther behind. Have you […]

Can Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure

Can bankruptcy stop foreclosure? One of the most difficult and traumatic challenges that a person can face is the prospect of a foreclosure. A person’s home normally is the center of life. The idea that one’s home might be taken away from him or her can be a most bitter pill to swallow. Considering bankruptcy […]

Bad news Bankruptcy Costs {one size does not fit all }

  What are bankruptcy costs? Many people who call our  San Diego bankruptcy office will ask us about bankruptcy costs, before they even have been  set up to meet.They see bankruptcy lawyer after bankruptcy lawyer telling  how much less expensive their bankruptcy cost is compared to the next bankruptcy lawyer. It is terrible confusing and […]

Can I STOP A Bankruptcy Once It's Started?

  Can I Stop My Bankruptcy Once I Have Started It?   There are debtors who change their minds after filing bankruptcy . They will ask their bankruptcy attorney   if they can cancel or stop their bankruptcy filings. Particularly, after whatever emergency that precipitated the bankruptcy has been averted like foreclousre or a lawsuit […]

Will I Face My Bankruptcy Creditors?

 Will my creditors come to the court if I file bankruptcy ? What many of my bankruptcy clients worry about is that their bankruptcy creditors  will be at the creditors meeting if they file bankruptcy in San Diego  and it will be embarrassing for them.The good news is, bankruptcy creditors rarely attend bankruptcy meetings of creditors […]

Bankruptcy when married

  What happens if you file bankruptcy when married  ? If only one spouse is in debt or in need of bankruptcy relief, only that spouse should file. It may seem obvious, but there’s generally no reason to torpedo both the filing and the non filing spouse’s credit score unless there is a reason.   Where I practice […]

Does My Employer Know If I File Bankruptcy

If I file Bankruptcy can I lose my job  Clients often ask whether their job may be in danger if they file bankruptcy and / or whether the employer will know if I file bankruptcy. The short answer is generally no. In fact, usually the fact that you have filed bankruptcy is not even known to […]