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After being a San Diego bankruptcy lawyer  for over twenty-five years, I see a pattern in the kinds of cases that cross my desk. My clients have been successful by every measure. They are ambitious, hard-working people who love their families. Then, some catastrophe strikes. They feel like they’re failing. Some have seen other San Diego bankruptcy lawyers and could not find the solutions they were looking for. And to many of these bankruptcy lawyers, they just don’t fit the “profile.” My clients need a complex and strategic form of bankruptcy relief.

Bad things happen to good people and they need to file bankruptcy

If you ever wondered about the quality of people who enlist me as the San Diego bankruptcy lawyer to file their bankruptcy, you should hear the heroic stories of herculean efforts clients make to avoid it. By the time a client (or couple) is sitting across the desk from me, they will have moved mountains. Crossed deserts. Climbed high, steep and dangerous mountains to forestall bankruptcy. Okay, I’ll stop with the metaphors. But you get the point. Picking up the phone to call me has to – for some – feel like the ultimate admission of failure. That’s why they go so far, work so hard to avoid it.

Don’t waste time second-guessing yourself about bankruptcy and how you got “into this mess” in the first place.

I have significant experience representing clients in bankruptcy cases involving sole proprietorships, multiple investment properties, and other complex matters. My experience enables me to promptly determine key issues and formulate effective strategies to address these issues. I work to resolve matters quickly to obtain maximum debt relief and preserve as much of the client’s assets and property as possible.
I know of to fight the fear of financial or legal problems is with information. And I have it. Knowing sooner rather than later the real truth about your financial situation is the key to reducing stress and moving forward.

They so wanted to “do the right thing”

Some of those heroic, herculean feats my clients undertook before they called me were painful, costly and unnecessary.  Some exhausted retirement accounts to stay current on a mortgage, only to lose the home later in foreclosure. Others took out lines of credit on homes to consolidate credit card debt on which they couldn’t – in my estimation – keep up payments. Still others deprived themselves and their families of necessities like medical insurance or a reliable car. Some even have foregone needed medical or dental treatment, or therapy and medication for mental health issues.

What does the bankruptcy law require in San Diego?

The law does not require you to do any of the things I listed in the previous paragraph. In a perfect world, we would all provide bountifully for our families. We would ensure their health and well-being because we love them. But we do not live in a perfect world. Sometimes love requires that we prefer our families – including ourselves – above the people and institutions we owe money to. Good news: the Bankruptcy Code and the judges who help administer it think that’s just fine, thank you very much. One of our own local judges wrote an article for a publication for conservators. In summary, she said bankruptcy is a good thing because it restores the debtor to a place where she or he can again take risks. (And let’s face it – nothing is more uniquely American than risk-taking.)

You can determine what works best for you.

Getting you out of the coulda-shoulda-woulda mode is my first stop with you on your road. At this bankruptcy law firm, my 25-year career is dedicated to people like you – people who have found themselves in an economic crisis. When you call for a free consultation, you’ll be on track to get a clear, realistic understanding of your financials.

There really are answers – you just need to ask the questions.

 Best San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer for you?  

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Is your situation is out of the ordinary? Have you been told by other bankruptcy lawyers that Chapter 7 bankruptcy won’t work for you?  If you’re looking for someone who will know you and the details of your case inside and out, answer his own phone when you call him and guarantee the result (I) predicted in your case, I handle every detail of your case from start to finish. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t – and don’t want to – manage a bunch of other lawyers and paralegals, hoping no one misses an important detail. And these days, I delegate absolutely nothing.

What is different about this San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer?

I am the first bankruptcy lawyer in San Diego that guaranteed our work. That means if you file bankruptcy with me you can count on the results. If you want to know more about our results read our ” Bankruptcy True Stories. “ You can also go to and find the book “The Bankruptcy Lifeline”, which was written by Paul. It is a free download.

I understand it is difficult to talk to a bankruptcy lawyer about your personal financial situation. Money is personal. So, if you want to get to know me better even before you call, stop and watch the videos. You will see and hear a transparent, straightforward introduction to not only me but to dozens of frequently-occurring bankruptcy issues. This is my way of helping you understand your options.

So… What is going to be your next step?

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