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How to choose a bankruptcy attorney | San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney

How to choose a San Diego bankruptcy attorney

Common concern: “How to choose a San Diego bankruptcy attorney?”

If you live in San Diego county and want to keep this really simple, you can just hire me. But for they more cynical among us, here are some general ground rules. First and most obviously, you’ll want to select a bankruptcy attorney who is an active member of his or her state bar. Secondly, she or he must be admitted to practice before the federal court in his or her bankruptcy court district. Thirdly, they should be active in practice in the bankruptcy court. Kinda like me. (That was subtle, too, wasn’t it?). That doesn’t narrow the field very much, I know. But bankruptcy is a fairly obscure and complex area of practice. You wouldn’t want your neurologist performing your cataract surgery, would you? Same principal applies to lawyers.  Next, you’ll want to be sure the attorney is in good standing with his or her state Bar Association.

How the State Bar Can Help

In California, you can find that out at the California Bar Association web site (http://www.calbar.ca.gov). You can determine from information available on the site whether an attorney you are considering has a record of public discipline by the Bar Association. For instance, you wouldn’t want to hire an attorney who has been disciplined for failing to file documents on time, missed deadlines, or who doesn’t show up at court! (Really! These things do happen!) You might respond to an advertisement on television. While you may receive adequate service from the firm pitching to you on TV, remember that television ads are expensive and the cost must be passed on to the clients. Translation: you are likely to pay more, get assembly-line-like service or both.
Every experience leading up to the need for bankruptcy causes us to dig in our heels and resist. We are made to feel ashamed that we can’t help ourselves. Creditors (and sometimes self-righteous family or friends!) will say hurtful and embarrassing things to us. Church members will sometimes even say bankruptcy fails God or is immoral. Those statements  making us feel like it’s all our own fault. Objective data says otherwise. But when the voices around us (and in our heads(?) seem to agree in criticism, it’s hard to ignore. For all those reasons, having a lawyer who can’t or won’t empathize with you can make the pain feel deeper still.

Getting past the emotions

Emotions like guilt, shame, sadness and even anger get in the way of our need to act. Getting past those emotions is hard for everyone. The majority of people I meet with are still struggling with feelings of shame, embarrassment, humiliation. Still, others have worked through those negative emotions. That’s because they have come to realize it’s essentially a difficult but necessary business decision. They’ve realized that in order to become healthy financially, they need radical treatment.
And if it is personal service you value most highly, I offer the highest level of personal attention and service. I meet personally with each client. Unless there is a conflict with some other important event on the calendar, I appear personally with each client in all bankruptcy proceedings. If a client calls my office with a question, I personally return the phone call. You’re thinking through how to choose a San Diego bankruptcy attorney. I invite you to peruse my library of videos and articles. By the time you finish, you will feel like you already know me. And that’s a good thing. I hope you will choose me to help you if you are contemplating bankruptcy.
When you’re ready to end your bill problems once and for all, contact me at 619-235-4095 to set up a free, no-obligation meeting to talk about how I can help you.

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