Five questions for a San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney

1.  Question: It seems like there is a lot of information and documents called for and I’m not very organized, not really a “paper person.” Canquestions for a san diego bankruptcy atttoreny someone help me?

ANSWER:Yes. Many of Paul’s clients have been inundated with demand letters, ugly phone calls, even lawsuits and it has become a nightmare to keep it all organized. Paul recognizes that it’s not just the logistics of gathering all the necessary things into one place, but it’s also the sense of being overwhelmed that makes it difficult for some clients to organize. Paul will help you streamline your “homework” so you can help him help you.

2.  Question:  Who will be with me at the meeting of creditors – Paul, or someone working for him that I may not yet know?

ANSWER: Paul always accompanies his clients to every event the client’s case involves. While many of his contemporaries hire “appearance attorneys” to show up at the meeting of creditors and keep track of what additional requests the trustee makes, Paul shows up in person. You’ll never have to wonder who will be there. This also seems to result in a much more efficient meeting since Paul is unfailingly prepared. It also means there are almost no continuances needed for Paul’s clients. As nerve wracking as it is anticipating the meeting, Paul figures the clients deserve to only have to do it once if a continuance can be avoided.

3.  If I have a question about my case – either while we’re getting it ready or after it’s filed, will I be directed to a subordinate or will I be able to talk to Paul?

ANSWER: Paul does not use subordinates. Every client who wants to talk to Paul gets to talk to Paul, not someone else. Also each client has Paul’s personal cell phone number. He might joke that he does sleep and take some time off. Paul believes that each client should have as much access to him as they need. Many  lawyers think clients will abuse the privilege of unlimited access. That hasn’t been Paul’s experience though.

4.  What if after my case is filed it is challenged and I don’t get a discharge? Do you guarantee your work?

ANSWER: Paul does guarantee his work, and was the first San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney to do so. His promise to each client is that if I the client has been truthful with me in the preparation of his / her case and yet the case fails, I have a responsibility to refund the client’s fees.  In the over twenty years in practice, Paul has never had to refund a client’s fees. He is confident he can and will maintain that track record, including your case, too.

5.  Who will be with me at the reaffirmation hearing? Will there be an additional cost?

ANSWER:  You probably know the answer to the first half: Paul will be with you at the Jacob Weinberger U.S. Bankruptcy Court at any reaffirmation hearing. Bankruptcy rules require bankruptcy lawyers to appear with the clients but, still, some don’t show and many of those that to charge an additional fee. The additional fee is permitted, i.e. the rules allows the lawyers to charge the additional fee. Paul doesn’t charge extra for this appearance.

Bonus Question: Are you a lawyer?

A number of  San Diego bankruptcy law firms have made a lot of money by paying only one or two attorneys to handle an enormous caseload. How do they do this? They hire support staff to handle almost everything. In fact, some firms will schedule new clients to meet with support staff rather than lawyers at the first meeting. These firms can hire a charming salesperson for a lot less money. I do not object to support staff , but your first consultation requires legal thought and  analysis, which cannot and should not be done by a salesperson.