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How much are bankruptcy costs?

Many people who call our  San Diego bankruptcy office will ask us about bankruptcy costs before they even have been set up to meet. They see bankruptcy lawyer after bankruptcy lawyer telling how much less expensive their bankruptcy cost is compared to the next bankruptcy lawyer. It is terribly confusing and hard to make sense of.
We’ve also seen our competitor’s advertisements on TV or heard them on the radio spouting bankruptcy cost  prices, so we completely understand “Call us now, no money down.” “We can do your bankruptcy for $995.” “$300 to start your bankruptcy.”   As a firm, we think quoting prices without really knowing the specific situation leads to huge misunderstandings and distrust.

There is no “one size fits all” in bankruptcy costs.

If giving our clients a “one size fits all” pricing for bankruptcy legal representation worked, we certainly would do it! You wouldn’t have to come in to speak to a lawyer. It wouldn’t require one hour of meeting time to discover exactly what your situation is and how the law might apply to you. If we did a one size fits all pricing you might not even have to talk to a lawyer – you could talk to a paralegal and never even see a lawyer.
 We look at it this way: If I were on the other side of the desk and coming to see a law firm for a problem that was making me lose sleep, I would want to see a lawyer — not a paralegal. Paralegals are forbidden, by law from offering legal advice and that’s what I’d be seeking. And, we know that if it’s bad enough for you to be reading this website, then, truly, it’s bad for you. 
So back to the initial point: the only way we can know how much to bankruptcy costs for you is for you to come in, sit down face to face and discuss your individual situation. That meeting is free, and you will speak to Paul.
One’s financial situation is kind of like weight loss: sometimes they need to lose 10 pounds, sometimes they need to lose 150 pounds. You’ve probably had to lose weight at one time or another. The plan of attack varies from case to case. Sometimes all you need to do is cut out the sodas, other times well, Jenny Craig….to surgery. When you have a consultation with us, we can promise you is that the price that we quote for you will be fair. We are not the most expensive bankruptcy law firm in town nor are we the cheapest. But we’re certainly one of the most thorough firms you’ll find. We take that hour consultation and use it to your advantage, and then price your personal case directly in line with your situation.

Get The Guidance You Need

If you are considering filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you need clear and experienced guidance. When you hire a bankruptcy attorney to help you  protect your home, car or property. Taking the wrong action, however, can seriously impact those results. There are important things not to do, such as:

  • Do not transfer assets or change titles
  • Do not repay debts to family members
  • Do not run up your credit cards
  • Do not choose to do nothing

When bankruptcy trustees can review transactions up to four years, things clients do leading up to filing can complicate issues.

Do Not Wait To Get A Free Consultation

The most important thing to do when facing a serious financial crisis is to get the advice of an experienced lawyer. To schedule your free consultation  call our office 619-235-4095. Paul will set up an online consultation.

how much does bankruptcy cost

How Much Does bankruptcy cost in San Diego?

Bankruptcy Cost in San Diego

The shortest and best answer I can give about bankruptcy cost in San Diego  is that it’s less expensive to do it once and really well. The most important thing to realize before getting mired in legalese is that choosing the wrong lawyer will end up costing you far more. I usually see these cases when I am called on to do damage control. Often I can pull the burning and injured from the fire that a badly-made case is. But not always. 

Why is there such a big difference in bankruptcy costs  on the Internet?

Good question. I don’t envy those trying to figure this out. If the case is simple enough to be figured out by a high school graduate who collects the client’s information and has the attorney in charge sign off on the case, then the client’s bankruptcy cost really should be among the lowest out there. The trouble is that those “simplest cases” are not really very common. If you were attracted to the content on our web site, it’s likely that you’re more sophisticated than the average person. Most of the time, that translates into a more-sophisticated bankruptcy case.
“Everybody knows they get what they pay for.” So if they have a chart for their salespeople (and yes, they will be salespeople, not lawyers) it may go something like this: $799 case = unemployed with one creditor. $899 case: unemployed with up to three creditors. $999 case: earns minimum wage, up to three creditors, zero positive cash flow. And on and on it would go. 
To be fair, there are large practices that are legit, busy and competent. It isn’t that the size of the firm is always inverse to the quality of the service. But those larger firms that are legitimate, busy and competent aren’t going to be offering their services at a bargain basement price.
It can be tempting to opt for the lowest quote if you think you need bankruptcy. Given your current financial situation it is certainly easy to rationalize that. But the fact is that the service you receive will NOT be the same, and in all likelihood you will end up at best feeling alone and dissatisfied and at worst have to call in one of our top-gun lawyers to fix the problems the earlier lawyer created. My firm has had to do this more than a few times this year. Trust me,it is far more common than you think.
So, a good starting point is to hire an expert first time around so that you don’t end up having to pay twice. It would be all too easy to trot out low-ball numbers on what a bankruptcy may cost, but the honest answer is somewhat akin to “How long is a piece of string?”
But to give you some firm idea, and not to dodge the question, here is a rough range of bankruptcy cost in the San Diego area :
Chapter 7 – $1000 to $4000 plus filing fees.
Chapter 13 – $3800+

Bankruptcy cost usually depends on: Is your bankruptcy complicated ?

The reason for the wide range is that bankruptcy cost  is dependent upon many different factors. The more creditors there are, the greater the likelihood of an adverse filing against you – in the bankruptcy court – by one or more of those creditors. Complicating factors can also include: owning your own business, marital status, home ownership, and/or the amount in your IRA or 401(K), debt recently incurred, transfer of assets by you to someone else, to name just a few. The complete list of variables is much, much longer. Any one of them can be a case-breaker if it isn’t identified and dealt with the right way.
“I worked with Paul after a nightmare with another lawyer. Paul was fast, professional and got the job done! Since the work was completed I’ve had questions over the years and Paul has always answered my questions without charging me a dime. I would not hesitate for even one second to work with Paul again.” Shannon

You really are unique, so is your financial situation.

Each bankruptcy case is unique. That is why you need an expert in the first place. A cookie-cutter solution just won’t do.
In all cases we will first arrange a consultation with a Bankruptcy Attorney who will be able to apprise you of likely bankruptcy cost before proceeding. He will assess your specific circumstances. You will know your options, even if bankruptcy doesn’t turn out to be one of them.  You will have the security on knowing you heard it from a bankruptcy lawyer and you received professional advice.We do have payment plans.
We’d be falsely modest if we didn’t tell you: we’re the real deal. We’re not one of those bankruptcy firms you may see quoting “low cost pricing” like flashing neon on their website. You remember what they say: “If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.” Our aim is to be transparent to make the process as painless as possible.
So do it right the first time. Save yourself time, money and hassle and get a no-fee consult today to see how we can help.

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