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San Diego bankruptcy lawyer

San Diego bankruptcy lawyer

San Diego bankruptcy lawyer

San Diego bankruptcy lawyer
San Diego bankruptcy lawyer

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Find the best Bankruptcy Attorney San Diego

by Paul Staley on August 12, 2016

How to Find the Best Bankruptcy Attorney San Diego for youbankruptcy attorney san diego


Finding the best bankruptcy attorney in San Diego isn’t as easy as one might think. First off, there is the fact that most people don’t hob-knob with bankruptcy attorneys or with the people who are likely to be around them – people like accountants, tax attorneys and divorce lawyers that refer clients for bankruptcy. Secondly, many people who do file bankruptcy are reluctant to refer others to their attorney because that would mean they would end up talking about their own bankruptcy as part of the conversation. As much as times have nearly eliminated the stigma attached to filing bankruptcy, most people who file would rather keep it private.


The best bankruptcy attorney in San Diego may not be the same one for everybody.

Solo practitioner Paul Staley realizes he can’t serve all of the hundreds of people in San Diego county who file bankruptcy each month, so he’s determined to provide the best possible work for those he does represent. He offers a few tips on questions to ask when searching for the best bankruptcy attorney in San Diego:


  1. How long has the attorney been in practice?
  2. Will I meet with the attorney assigned to my case when I come in for a consultation?
  3. How long will my initial consultation take? (Generally, the longer the better. Some high volume practices try to process each consultation speedily so they can maintain their volume.)
  4. Will my attorney be performing the work on my case, or will s/he be delegating some or all of it to a non-attorney?
  5. Has the attorney assigned to my case ever had one of his client’s cases involuntarily dismissed or converted to a different chapter under the Bankruptcy Code?
  6. Of all the cases my attorney files, about what percentage are Chapter 13s, and about what percentage are Chapter 7s?
  7. How many paralegals, legal secretaries and / or other support staff are assigned to each attorney in the firm?
  8. Do I have to pay extra fees for common events like a reaffirmation hearing? Negotiating with the trustee on exemptions?
  9. Who has “reviewed” the attorney’s work, and are the reviews real? Sadly, some attorneys have given in to the temptation of hiring non-clients to write fake reviews in order to boost the attorney’s ratings with Google and other portals. All of Paul’s reviews, whether on Google, Yelp, on the web site itself or elsewhere about his bankruptcy work are from real bankruptcy clients.


Paul does everything from scheduling the initial appointment.Then analyzing the client’s situation, preparing all the court documents, explaining each step of the process to the client and appearing with the client at all required meetings and hearings.  He concedes he is a bit of a “control freak” and something of a perfectionist about his work on each case.


Paul’s clients have his personal cell phone number and have extensive access to him.

 What should you do next ? 

Watching the videos on the web site will give you some insight into what Paul is really like in person. Occasionally, after an in-person meeting with Paul a client will say to him with some apparent surprise that he’s “just like in your videos.”  But judge for yourself. If you think you can relate to the man in the videos, you may have just found the best bankruptcy attorney in San Diego for you.[wpseo_address oneline=”1″ show_state=”0″ show_email=”0″]

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