Is bankruptcy a public record in San Diego ?

Filing for bankruptcy is a matter of public record. So the idea that you can keep bankruptcy secret isn’t really true. It is something that you really have to look for to find out about. Who files bankruptcy in San Diego  is not easily accessible knowledge. It is not published in the  San Diego newspaper under notices .

If you file for bankruptcy, you must list all of your creditors. Sometimes those  bankruptcy creditors might  include family and friends who might have cosigned a loan for you. Those bankruptcy creditors  will receive notice that you filed . You can find out about  a persons  bankruptcy on your credit report so some jobs will know filed bankruptcy.  While filing for bankruptcy is not what anyone wants to do, in today’s modern times, many people have filed for bankruptcy.  The last economic storm we went through included many people got caught in the undertow.

However, if you want to keep your bankruptcy filing a secret from your friends or family, the odds are that they may never know. The Bankruptcy Courts and Trustees do not inform others of your bankruptcy filing unless they are in some way related or involved in your case. There is a good chance that many people you know (family, friends, neighbors, co-workers) have filed for bankruptcy in the past and you were unaware. If  filing bankruptcy is a viable option for you, embarrassment should not be a barrier to obtaining relief.