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San Diego bankruptcy lawyer

San Diego bankruptcy lawyer

San Diego bankruptcy lawyer

San Diego bankruptcy lawyer
San Diego bankruptcy lawyer

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san diego bankruptcy law firm – Paul Staley

by admin on October 10, 2016

san diego bankruptcy attorneys

San Diego bankruptcy law firm – The first step is the call


When you make an appointment with the Law Office of Paul Staley, you’re making an appointment with Paul himself – not a paralegal or legal assistant with a questionnaire and a clipboard. You’ll be meeting with the only one among San Diego bankruptcy attorneys to have written the book on bankruptcy: “The Bankruptcy Lifeline: What Your Creditors Hope You Don’t Know.”

A client considering bankruptcy shouldn’t have to wonder whether his or her case is a good one. Yet there is – at least “out there” – a seventy percent failure among Chapter 13 bankruptcy filers. Not among Paul’s clients. He backs up his professional analysis with a common sense guarantee: the client’s bankruptcy must result in a successful completion (discharge) or the client should get her money back. So far in over twenty years in practice, he’s never had to issue a single refund. Among San Diego bankruptcy attorneys, Paul Staley is the first to guarantee his clients results.

Paul is convinced that too many cases are filed under the wrong Chapter and that, as a result, too many cases fail. About twenty-five percent of all bankruptcy cases filed are filed as Chapter 13s.  He has described Chapter 13 proceedings as “the three-to-five-year poverty plan.” In Paul’s practice over the past twenty-one years, he has put fewer than one percent of his clients in Chapter 13s. That’s not to say he thinks no one belongs in a Chapter 13. 

Among San Diego bankruptcy attorneys, Paul conducts the first client meeting differently. Differently how?

Different, firstly, because he conducts the meeting in person rather than delegating it to a non-attorney. He believes the most important and effective legal thinking – applying a complex Bankruptcy Code to your unique situation – has to happen during that meeting.  He respects other San Diego bankruptcy attorneys’ choice to delegate that meeting. Often that’s done by having the “intake” (as its called among high-volume firms) done by an interviewer who at a minimum (a) speaks English and (b) can use a calculator. Paul has done clean up after plenty of cases where someone else has crammed a case through based on information that was either missed or misunderstood by interviewer. 

Different – secondly – in that Paul devotes a full hour to the initial interview, sometimes longer. That’s because he’s found that  it’s impossible to collect enough information, analyze it and give the client a certain opinion any faster than that. He’s a believer in the old adage that “You can do it right or you can do it over.” Paul does a complete Means Test work-up, digs deep into the client’s unique situation and, frequently, talks about “what if?” scenarios with the client. Paul believes that by the end of that first meeting, the client should have a very good idea of what should be his next step.

Complete legal analysis:

When you make your appointment for your fresh start plan we will do a complete legal analysis of your financial situation. We will not cut corners. You will speak to a lawyer who has experience in bankruptcy law, not a paralegal.  The meeting will take about 45 minutes . In this meeting your lawyer will perform a complete means test not just an overview. You will be able to ask questions  about  different solutions to your problems. This test is the only way to truly determine if you qualify for bankruptcy. This appointment, if billed hourly would be worth $300-$400 in legal fees alone. We do this because it is truly the only way we can give you the real facts about your financial situation.


Complete confidentiality:

We guarantee that when you come and speak to us about your financial situation you will receive complete confidentiality from our staff and our attorneys. What you say in this office will stay in the office. There is no reason to be embarrassed or worried about any of your financial information ever leaving our office; unless you decide to file bankruptcy (then financial information will become public record).


Is it time to call ?  If you are tired of keeping your self awake at night wondering should you go left or should you go right ? Should you file bankruptcy or hold out ? When you come in to meet with Paul at least you will have answers , then you can decide what to do next. 619-235-4095 




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