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There are many events that may trigger a person’s need to file bankruptcy or speak with a San Diego bankruptcy law attorney Some are an impending foreclosure, repossession, lawsuit, lien. In these unstable economic times, it is very difficult to know when you qualify to file bankruptcy. Usually, though,  the first thing people do is go online when these things happen like foreclosure or alien. Then they try to do their own means test.  Big mistake (… really).
The people who come to see me at my office often “just know”. How did these folks know when to file bankruptcy? A variety of ways. Some realized it only after they had drained their retirement accounts trying to stay current on bills. Others caught on when they were just starting to dip into their 401k and got an uneasy feeling about it. Still, others got really tired of the nasty phone calls from collection departments. Frequently they were worried about lawsuits, and some had already been sued. Sometimes they knew they couldn’t feed their kids and make the credit card payments. Chances are, if you’re feeling uneasy, melancholic, depressed or downright hopeless and panicked about your financial situation, you should go with your gut and get bankruptcy advice.
It is virtually impossible for a middle-class person with a home and maybe a job to go online and have any clue if they can qualify for bankruptcy. In my practice, we have had many people file Chapter 7 who was making a salary of $100,000.00 per year. You might ask, how is that possible? 
There are as many variables to the computation in who and how a person can file for bankruptcy, as choices of cereal at the local grocery store. How much do you owe? How close you are to retirement? Who lives with you? What is your house really worth in San Diego? Who knows that these days? It really does take a professional to figure this out.
One of my practice specialties is taking people who didn’t think they qualified for bankruptcy(or sometimes other lawyers who told it was not possible )and making that happen. Then they can move on with their lives. I am good with the difficult situations, that others can’t seem to figure out. So, if you think it is just not possible to file bankruptcy, or you make too much money or aren’t sure if you qualify. Come down to the office and let’s talk. or just call at 619-235-4095

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