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After being a San Diego bankruptcy lawyer  for over twenty-five years, I see a pattern in the kinds of cases that cross my desk. My clients have been successful by every measure. They are ambitious, hard-working people who love their families. Then, some catastrophe strikes. They feel like they’re failing. Some have seen other San Diego bankruptcy lawyers and could not find the solutions they were looking for. And to many of these bankruptcy lawyers, they just don’t fit the “profile.” My clients need a complex and strategic form of bankruptcy relief.

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Bad things happen to good people and they need to file bankruptcy

If you ever wondered about the quality of people who enlist me as the San Diego bankruptcy lawyer to file their bankruptcy, you should hear the heroic stories of herculean efforts clients make to avoid it. By the time a client (or couple) is sitting across the desk from me, they will have moved mountains. Crossed deserts. Climbed high, steep and dangerous mountains to forestall bankruptcy. Okay, I’ll stop with the metaphors. But you get the point. Picking up the phone to call me has to – for some – feel like the ultimate admission of failure. That’s why they go so far, work so hard to avoid it.

You can determine what works best for you.

Getting you out of the coulda-shoulda-woulda mode is my first stop with you on your road. At this bankruptcy law firm, my 25-year career is dedicated to people like you – people who have found themselves in an economic crisis. When you call for a free consultation, you’ll be on track to get a clear, realistic understanding of your financials.


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